"Challenger" by Nick Ferreira

Image of "Challenger" by Nick Ferreira


"We're not going to cover news, review products, or print fluff interviews with flavor-of-the-month pros. Instead we'll be documenting the timeless aspects of BMX including, but not limited to: traveling, the post session burrito and beer, finding sick spots, kooks, backyard ramps, flyouts, big jumps (and small jumps), whatever cool aspects of racing are left, perfect concrete parks, the shitty park you have to ride 'cause you got out of work too late to go to the perfect concrete park, talking shit with your friends, and I guess it should go without saying, but having fun with your friends."

-1 double-sided, 17” x 22” 50lb sheet of bright white paper, offset printed
-First paper printed in a run of 1000
-Printed quarterly in 2017
-Sheet will be folded 3 times, final measurement will be 8.5” x 5.5”, a very portable and easy to distribute publication

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