Maintain Issue 2 by Rob Dolecki

Image of Maintain Issue 2 by Rob Dolecki


-MAINTAIN Chapter II "Reflections" is the second in a series of three independent, ad-free photo 'zines featuring photos shot by Rob Dolecki.

-Chapter II features photos incorporating, you guessed it- reflections, with Van Homan, Brian Foster, Vic Ayala, George Dossantos, Brian Kachinsky, Colin Varanyak, Luis Medina, Tom White, Garrett Byrnes, Steve Crandall, Colin Varanyak, Matt Coplon, Nina Buitrago, Mike Escamilla, Nathan Williams, Joe Niranonta, Grimaldo Duran and son George, Matt Miller, Jason Enns, Luc LeGrand, Garret Hoogerhyde, and more.

-Shot in Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Chilé, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Iceland, Argentina, Ecuador, California, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Illinois and Colorado.

-Limited edition of 350 copies, numbered.
40 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", Full-color.

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