"Social Distance" DVD by Robin Slootmaker

Image of "Social Distance" DVD by Robin Slootmaker


-"We didn’t initially set out to film Taiwan’s first BMX DVD. Filmed mostly over the last 8 months while Covid-19 shut down most of the world, Taiwan kept rolling. Socially distant from the rest of the world and no community spread here we wanted to spread to the community a hard copy standard definition take on the trips, the scene, good times riding bikes, hanging with freinds, battles and beers along way in these strange times." -Robin Slootmaker

-18 page full color zine + 32 Min DVD

-Filmed in SD on now defunct VX2000, TRV15, and VX1000.

-Featuring: Zef Robinson, Ah Wen, BangYo, XiaoGuo, Robin Slootmaker, Chase Quantril, Archie Kenward, Alec and Rich Thorogood, Ed Mayhew, Ryutaro Higa, Chiao Huang, Allen Liu and more.

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